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Diggin’ your dogma dude!

Updated: Mar 30

I went to a compulsory nutrition course put on by a dietician. I didn’t want to get into an argument at ‘said course’ so I decided to address/vent here instead. Here are the highlights.

“It doesn’t matter what you put in your mouth as long as you keep your calories below your daily caloric needs”. Let’s spend a paragraph to digest this. This is calories-in calories-out (CICO), the idea that in order to lose weight, you must meticulously monitor your calories to ensure you expend more than you ingest. Basically it means, quantity is more important than quality. The problem with this theory is that it reduces us down to a wood burning oven or just the citric acid cycle, you put energy in and then you burn it. So simple, except it does not account for insulin, leptin, grehlin, electrolytes, enzymes and all the other massively important metabolic drivers. We need to come to terms with the fact that our bodies are more complex than wood and fire.

“Your brain needs sugar, so you definitely need to eat it”. Ugh, this one almost put me over the top. The worst part about it, is that it came from an MD. Yes, your brain absolutely needs glucose to survive, I will hold that banner up with my high sugar comrades ’til the day I die, here’s the rub though. Your brain only needs about 50% energy to come from glucose, the other energy can come from ketones. This truth doesn’t even mean you have to eat the ketogenic lifestyle to do it. Your body will never let your brain become deficient in glucose. . . never. It achieves this through a beautiful process called gluconeogenesis; your body can make its own glucose from excess protein and even a little from fat. How many people do you know that go into the doctor with dementia because they ate too little sugar? I have been in the medical field for 13 years and am still waiting for it.

One more to round out this post. “Insulin resistance is caused by excess food intake”. I have heard this over and over, especially in the social media world. It smacks of CICO sycophants but it’s simply not the whole truth. We know for a fact that excess Insulin in the blood for a long period of time causes the majority of Insulin Resistance, so here is what is important to understand. Insulin only gets released from the pancreas in the presence of carbohydrates and a little from protein, that’s it. Fat does not need insulin for digestion, that doesn’t mean we should only drink olive oil and eat avocados but we need to understand the actual problem. We eat too many carbohydrates in America, plain and simple. The next time you drive four blocks down your business district, count how many restaurants are ready and willing to sell you as many succulent morsels of starchy “goodness” as your pocket book will afford. I have done it, it’s a big number by the way.

Please understand, I am not anti-carbohydrate but if an American wants to grow and maintain skinny, a lower than average carbohydrate lifestyle strategy is needed. There’s the few and proud that can eat stacks of pancakes and bon-bons on the daily but they usually get it in the end.

Thanks for reading this rant to the end, hopefully you appreciate that I went to this nutrition course and now you don’t have to.

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