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A Pecan Journey


Phase 1

We start this phase by gathering an immense amount of data about you. You will get bloodwork drawn, which will help us to know if and how resistant your body is to Insulin. We then analyze your blood sugar with a flash glucose sensor over a 2-4 week period. This will help you to realize what certain foods do to your blood sugar in real-time.

Phase 2

In this phase we begin your lifestyle changes through nutrition, mental well-being and habit modification. We study how habits are formed and how they can be modified; we then analyze how your mental wellness effects your illnesses. We examine barriers to change and find appropriate methods to mitigate them.

Phase 3

We focus on improving your metabolism here. This is where we focus on the root cause of your illness and symptoms. Once you have met self-designed goals, we recheck labs and make further changes to your nutrition and lifestyle and monitor moving forward. The first 3 phases usually takes between 3-6 months. This phase can take as long as you need. There is no rush here.

Phase 4

We continue to improve your metabolism. We continue to monitor body measurements and habit modification. In this phase we meet less and promote more autonomy in your daily habits and nutrition. Your new habits will begin to take such a strong hold, you will be doing them without thinking.



The best part of this is we will give you the tools to be the provider of your own care. You will literally heal your own body and we are privileged to witness it.

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