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Founder’s Story

Spencer N. Barton, Nurse Practitioner

My passion is to help people understand their metabolism and how it effects or causes their diseases. I want to help people that have felt lost and not understood by the medical profession. I want to catch disease early and help prevent it before it begins or reverse/alleviate it after it starts. Pecan simplifies complex problems, making solutions understandable and achievable.

The American healthcare system is oriented around treating people with drugs, procedures, and surgeries. It is frustrating to see the mismanagement of disease. Medications should be used as either a temporary or last resort.  When I entered the field of medicine, I felt trepidation after noting the non-effect we played in the betterment of metabolic disease. In clinicals, it seemed providers were spinning their wheels and a lot of them would blame it on “non-compliant or apathetic patients”. This didn’t sit well with me. I believed then and now that if people have the the necessary knowledge they need, they can achieve wonderful results.

My desire to learn more was heightened when both my wife and mother found themselves with illnesses that couldn’t be wished away with medications. I wanted so badly to provide them with answers, so I found myself back in school to learn about metabolic function and its effect on disease. I gained a passion for nutrition, mental well-being and lifestyle changes. These made more sense to me than the current method of 15 minute medication visits.

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