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Patient-focused approach 

Discover the transformative power of personalized nutrition plans as our patients achieve remarkable health milestones and reach their wellness goals.

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Boost energy levels

Lower cholesterol

Lower blood pressure

Eliminate brain fog

Step 1.png

New Patient Visit

1:1 Medical Consultation 

  • Review your medical history

  • Set personal health and weight loss goals

Step 2.png

Learning Phase 

(First Few Months)

  • Understand how habits affect eating and drinking patterns

  • Explore the benefits of fasting 

  • Learn habits for long-term success

Step 3.png

Dietary Adaptation 
and Adjustment

  • Work with the provider to make necessary adjustments to the client’s dietary choices

    Set personal health and weight loss goals

  • Modify specific food choices based on individual markers and needs

Step 4.png

Continuation and Independent Progress

  • Meet quarterly or every other month with the provider

  • Patients continue to implement the tools and habits developed during the program

  • Focus on maintaining weight loss and ongoing progress

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