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Metabolic Health and Weight loss
can be a tough nut to crack.

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We can help!

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Up to 85% of American Adults have Insulin Resistance, a metabolic dysfunction that creates havoc on the human body. If you are experiencing fatigue, brain fog or difficulty losing weight, you may have it. Here is the silver lining; we know how to treat it.

Imagine getting down to your ideal body weight, imagine getting off your medications, imagine being able to get down and play with your grandkids, imagine more energy and what that can do for your relationship with your children.

Lose the weight and keep it off

Improve your Health

Clear the Mental Fog

Increase your Energy

Come experience the difference at Pecan Health!

"Spencer is knowledgeable and informed, but is eager to work with clients' individual health goals, needs, and circumstances. He goes above and beyond to support clients and responds quickly to any questions, even outside of standard practice hours. I highly recommend Spencer as a health care provider, and the Pecan Health program as a way to understand and reclaim your health."

Anna F.

Alexa Young, CA


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