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Weight loss can be 
a tough nut to crack.

Begin your personalized weight loss journey today.

Wellness Starts Here

We simplify nutrition, making it easier for you to achieve tangible and attainable results.

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Spencer N. Barton, Nurse Practitioner

Pecan Health Founder

Spencer N. Barton is a dedicated medical provider helping individuals achieve their ideal body weight and optimal health. By identifying and addressing the underlying causes of health issues, he empowers individuals with the tools they need to take control of their own health.

91% of patients report improved health within the first month 

"Spencer is knowledgeable and informed, but is eager to work with clients' individual health goals, needs, and circumstances. He goes above and beyond to support clients and responds quickly to any questions, even outside of standard practice hours. I highly recommend Spencer as a health care provider, and the Pecan Health program as a way to understand and reclaim your health."

Anna F.

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